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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  January 1, 2014 1:35am-2:11am PST

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this is kpix 5 news. breaking news, a mom and her two children were crossing the street when suddenly they were hit by a car. sglit happened on a busy street in san francisco at poll k and ellis. andria borba is at the scene right now. >> you can take a look behind me. this crash happened at 8:00, but here at 11:00, they are still taking measurements. it happened around 8:00 when a mother and her two children were crossing when they were strushg by an suv. now, just moments ago we were told the driver of that suv was taken into custody, charged with vehicular manslaughter. san francisco police can't say exactly why this driver was taken into custody for vehicular manslaughter at this point, but
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they are saying drugs and alcohol do not appear to be a factor in this case. the entire family was taken to sf general at which point a 7-year-old girl died @ the san francisco general hospital. >> we do have the driver of the vehicle who was being questioned by police during the course of the investigation, we developed enough probable cause to arrest him for vehicular manslaughter, and he is being cooperative, but will be booked at county jail. >> now, at this point, that driver apparently did not have drugs or alcohol in their system the name has not been releesd because they still have to be booked into the county jail at this point. we don't know whether or not this was the case of distracted driving, somebody on the phone, somebody texting, but what we do know at this hour, there is a 7-year-old girl dead following this crash around 8:00 tonight. the mother in this case also at san francisco general hospital. appears she will be okay eventually. the little boy who was also hit in this case is going to be just fine. live in san francisco, kpix 5.
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>> and weir following more breaking news, this time in fremont. police believe a baby was thrown from the arms of an adult who was hit by a car. this happened about an hour ago at the intersection of pasey padre and maury avenue. the baby and all the have been taken to the hospital. police tell us their conditions are serious. the driver is cooperating with police, and it's not yet known if alcohol is a factor. well, traffic is heavy, crowds of people swarmg the embarcadero in san francisco. sharon chin is there as people get ready to ring in 2014 in less than an hour. sharon. >> allen, police report no problems and no arrests as a constant stream of people are packing the embarcadero. at the stroke of midnight, fireworks will welcome the new year. staking out their spots for the annual free city-sponsored fireworks display. san francisco police added extra
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offices on the waterfront. people are ready to say good-bye to the best and worst of 2013. >> i moved to this country. i took up a job. >> i got laid off this year. >> moving to california because we were in boston. yeah, it's much warmer here. >> people reflected on last year's resolution. >> i was going to lose some weight, but i didn't do it. >> yes, we did. >> we did, but it came back. >> one was to be nicer. that didn't work out. >> i didn't have one so i kept it. >> they shared fresh hopes for the new year. >> going to win the lottery. >> i'm kind of the homework drill sergeant, and i believe that you can't have enough math facts. >> more math facts next year? >> no. >> everybody here trying to graduate and just go to college. >> just having fun. >> earlier today we got a closer look at the fireworks on board two rusty barges on the bay. 1500 fireworks strung together
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connected to a computer stand ready to fill a dazzling 15-minute show at the stroke of midnight. >> happy new year's. god bless y'all. >> along the embarcadero, foot traffic and car traffic are both stacking up a bit. traffic delays expected until 1:00 a.m.. live in san francisco u sharon children kpix 5. >> bay area police out in full force tonight looking for anyone behind the wheel whose had too much to drink. triple a is offering free tows. bart not free, but trains will run until about 3:00 a.m.. we have all the info on our web site >> and brian hackney, we couldn't ask for better weather tonight for the fireworks. >> of course. good news, bad news. the bad news is no clouds, no rain. for one brief moenlt, that is good news. we don't have anything on the way. clear skies reported bay wide. midnight temp of 46 degrees. 50 -- what, 58 -- no, 53 minutes
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from now when we hit midnight, it'll be down to about 46 and the midnight temps bay wide show it's going to be chilly in santa rosa, 34 up there and 41 in san jose. right now you can see fairly moderate readings so weather looks pretty good. >> weal check with you later. the state is now investigating how children's hospital oakland handled the jahi mcmath case, and tonight linda yee tells us there's a new legal battle over the brain dead teenager. >> every day, i just feel like a little piece of me is being taken away. >> the young girl's mother grieves as he continues her fight with the hospital to release her child or let another doctor come in to perform a tracheotomy and insert a feeding tube in her so they can move jahi out. >> it's like she's locked up there in that tower. they won't -- they won't help her, but they won't give us what we need to get her out. >> the hospital insists the girl is brain dead, and in a letter to the family's attorney today stressed its policy.
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children's hospital is unwilling to perform medical procedures such as a tracheotomy or installation of a gastric tube on jahi's body nor can my client allow such procedures to be performed at children's hospital. a hospital spokesman said the family has this choice. >> they can take the body of jahi mcmath with the ventilator, transport it to another facility, if ever produces another facility that would knowingly accept a dead body. >> jahi has been on a ventilator since december 10th. the family believes it's possible she can still live. >> they're setting up roadblocks at every road that we try to go down to save jahi because imagine this, if jahi does come back, as we hope, imagine what children's is going to have to face. >> because i luke at her, and i feel like as her mother, i'm supposed to be able to help her, and this hospital has my hands tied. >> the family insists they have several facilities willing to take jahi to care for her, and they have an ambulance and a
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plane standing by. in oakland, linda yee kpix 5. >> jahi mcmath's uncle sent out this tweet this afternoon asking for a doctor to help the family. so far, there's no indication anyone has come forward. former first lady barbara bush is in a houston hospital tonight. she's being treated for pneumonia. mrs. bush is 88. she's said to be in great spirits and recuperating with her family by her side. well, a powerful strain of the flu is suddenly making a comeback here in california, and betty yu says the people most at risk are the once you would least expect. >> the number of patients showing up at bay area hospitals including this kaiser permanente in san jose with flu huff like symptoms has jumped in just the last week, and most of them are suffering from the swine flu. the nasty virus known as h1n1 that caused a worldwide pandemic four years ago is making a comeback. the cdc says that same swine flu strain is making occupy the
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majority of case nationwide. >> there's fear about it because of the attention that gathered in 2009, but that particular type of -- of flu virus isn't more serious than the other types we are vaccinating against. >> this year's vaccine protects against the swine flu. doctors say it causes more illness in children, young adults and healthy middle-aged people. the california department of public health says now is the time to get vaccinated if you haven't already done so. the flu virus lives longer in cold weather, and cases usually spike during the wibter tral season. >> viruss do travel from point a to point b very quickly. i would expect the cases of the flu to go up over the next month or so. >> in san jose, betty yu, kpix 5. >> now, there were a couple different flu shots this year that protect against different strains so you could still get sick even if you got vaks natd it is possible that a vitamin a day may help delay alzheimer's disease. a new study finds that taking
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vitamin e slows the progression of alzheimer's in people with mild or moderate cases for up to six months. >> and it was seen on the outcomes of functional abilities, activities of daly living, so that individuals who had mild disease had benefits in things like cook, planning their day, traveling, those types of activities. >> the study looks at 600 veterans. researchers aren't sure exactly how or why vitamin e helps, but they believe it protects brain cells from alzheimer's disease. is the nsa using your iphone to spy on you? the secret back door reveeld. the secret back door reveeld. the big mistake that could,,
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toma one man is dead and another injured after the car they were in plunged into the water tonight. witness reported seeing the car driving erratically and weaving along the road. the car crashed near the intersection of highway 1 at marshall petaluma road. crews had a difficult time getting to one out of the passengers who was trapped inside. >> the water here is shallow water but also very cold. with the vehicle upside down and having to make entry into that water makes it very challenging. >> the names of the two men inside the car have not yet been released. the cause is under investigation. the national security agency was using iphones as a surveillance device, apple said today it didn't know about it. sharon chin on the program that could reportedly give the government complete access to the popular smart phone. >> imagine your i foin a tool for the nsa using a software program already planted in the smart phone, the federal agency can allegedly control it remotely to steal messages,
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harvest contact information and secretly record audio. tech analysts rob enderly. >> the proposal they placed an application inside the iphone during its assembly and configuration and that program then allowed them to access the phone. >> cupertino-based apple says it did not cooperate with the nsa and had no idea their surveillance program existed reportedly as far back as 2008. a sooir cyber security researcher exposed the program in a german news magazine. the iphone is an easy target for nsa hackers because apple maintae and that allows an application to stay in place and function much longer than it would some place else. >> am said it would continue to defend its customers from hackers no matter who they are. sharon chin kpix 5. >> tech experts say that apple would have to come up with a patch to prevent iphones from being used from surveillance. the disclosure also indicated
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the nsa used android phones but the program reportedly worked better on iphones. gil roy police are searching for this man wearing a black baseball cap and hooded sweatshirt. he robbed a union bank in gilroy this afternoon. now, police say he handed a note to a teller demanding money. he is described as a white male in his mid 20s. a fitting end to the year on wall street with one last surge today. it was a big year for stocks. the dow enjoyed its largest annual jump since 1995 rising more than 26%. the s & p 500 had its best year in 16 years up more than 29%. yetflix really enjoyed the surge on wall street. the company saw its stock quadruple in value this year, an increase of nearly 300%, and its ceo is being rewarded. reid hastings will get a bump of 50%. he'll make $6 million. it will be split of cash and company stock, of course.
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other top netflix executives will also receive raises. well, target is dealing with yet another holiday shopping problem. this time it's gift cards. the retail giant says many gift cards purchased over the holidays were not properly activated. up to 40,000 of them. target says it will honor those problem cards. it comes weeks after that massive credit card hack affecting 40 million target customers. well, if you're lucky enough to score 49ers playoff tickets, be careful about bragging about it online. your tickets could be worthless if they catch the eye of the scammer. >> if you brag about it and take a picture of your tickets, yay, i'm going to the game and put it on facebook or some other social site, you're exposing that bar code, which a scammer can lift and reproduce the tickets. scammer wills actually scour social sites to look for bar codes of tickets that they can then copy. >> tickets are going for as much as $1,200 a pair.
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13,000 seats are still available, and it's supposed to be about 9 degrees back there so no wonder they're having a little bit of trouble. >> see, wisconsin or the bay area. >> a little chilly. >> you know, the bay area, two bedroom in palo alto 1.7 million. that's why. wisconsin, it's nothing. we have got clear skies around the bay area. we have a lot to cover in the next 90 seconds or so. clear skies. temperatures around the bay area look pretty much nice. in fact, from high above the city, that is a view from our chopper right now looking toward the bay bridge, and the waterfront, ferry building getting ready in just a few minutes for 2014. can you believe it? 2014. incredible! so about 44 minutes from now. 41 degrees at concord right now. 41 at oakland. livermore 41, and san francisco 50 greece. wind speeds not too bad tonight. you'll have to bundle up because the temperatures are chilly, but at least the winds mostly calm in the north bay. not going to drive down the effective temperature even
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farther. at midnight on the embarcadero, 46 degrees. forecast temperatures for the fireworks, and tomorrow will be in the 60s for the bay area. what a way to ring in 2014. unusually warm and near-record-high temperatures. this not so good, another spare the air day tourm, and we've got tides. tide will be way up. inundation in the low-lying areas the shore line. we've still got really cool weather over this part of the country. the upper midwest has a deep trough. out in this part of the country, correspondingly big dome of high pressure. that west coast high is parked in place. no warm temperatures or rain in sight for the next couple of weeks as we look down columbus from the top of the transpyramid. no rain this week, no rain next week. livermore tomorrow 67 degrees. 12 greece above its normal high of 556789 down in the south bay, 64 greece at santa clara, and 65
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in morgan hill. east bay 62 at brentwood, and 67 at livermore. 64 degrees in napa tomorrow. plenty of sunshine, and numbers mostly in the low to mid 60s in the north bay. 62 for san rafael. 64 and up in the santa rosa area 65 degrees. extended forecast get a few clouds on thursday and friday, and things will cool a little bit. still plenty warm upper 60s inland and the extended computer models show the next 8 to 14 days, nothing coming in. >> really, that far out? nothing? >> nothing coming in. >> wow. okay. thank you, sir. >> sorry. happy 2014. >> yes, you, too. >> we'll be right back, but first new year's around the world. >> 3, 2, 1! frz [ crowd cheering ]
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tomorrow's tournament of ros parade in pasadena. campers volunteers reyesing against the clock to get the floats ready for tomorrow's roses parade in pasadena. campers are already staking out their spot ace long the parade route. and a beagle named daniel will have a starring role in tomorrow's rose parade. >> when you hear his story, ky gold berg says it's pretty easy to see why. >> his bark is loud enough to fill up a room, but this is a
2:01 am
really big room, and this is one of the luckiest dogs you'll ever meet. this is daniel, the beagle. >> amazing thing about daniel is his demeanor. he is one of the most friendly, affable dogs. he just loves life. >> he'll be the star of the lucky pet foundation float in this year's rose parade. it'll be an eagerly-anticipated experience, one that daniel almost didn't make. >> it's a tragedy when they're put in that horrific situation. >> daniel and 17 other dogs were put into a so-called death chamber just a few wieks ago in florence, alabama. the death chamber is a metal box like this one where daniel and the other dogs were bombarded with deadly carbon monoxide gas. miraculously when the attendant returned to move the dogs, daniel walked out tail wagging like nothing ever happened. >> he probably had shallow breathing. he was up high, and that and a combination of a miracle is how he sur sooifed. >> so now it's high fives all
2:02 am
around from daniel, the luckiest dog on earth. >> daniel was only a few months old when he was put in that chamber. he's two now. >> well, seven other rescue dogs will be riding alongside him. that will definitely be a popular float. >> i think there are going to be a lot of dogs adopted. in sports, you got sharks. you don't have any dogs. >> only at home. >> how many you got? >> one. >> maybe that's enough. >> that's enough, right? >> yeah. pit bull rot wiler. four more bull games in the books, and the sharks next in sports.,,,,
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not a good time for the sharks to have three of their top nine forwards out of the lineup as they played their final ganl of 2013 at division-leading anaheim. no love lost between these two teams. down 2-1 in the second period. beautiful pass by patrick. scored for the second-straight game. we are tied at 2. but the ducks out shot the
2:05 am
sharks 25-8 in the second. part of 4 unanswered goals, 3 of them in the second to put it away. four dings. the sharks 6-3. they go down. trail the ducks by 7 in the division. warriors. >> what do you have to look at yourself individually. i challenge them to do that on the plane on the way home. what do you do? what do you bring to the team? moving forward, are you -- are you an energy guy? do you hit? do you block shots? or do you just pick up space? >> warriors in the magic kingdom, only nine points for stephan curry, but he did add eight assists. 2 of their 22 points. golden state in control. second kwaert, clay thompson to andrew for the two hand flush. war yors up 23 at the break. in the fourth, off the bench tying season best with 12 points. warriors beat the magic 94-81 for a sixth-straight win. open up 2014 against lebron and the heat coming up on thursday.
2:06 am
stanford goes for a third bcs win four years in the rose bowl tomorrow against michigan state. this year's team at least according to the players is nerd nation. who do the players think is the biggest nerd? >> going to have to go with the man right there, bent ryan. >> bent ryan. >> i want to say he acts like it, but his gpa shows bent ryan. >> it was a great honor. the coaches nominated me. always great to be nominated for an award. >> kind of looks like one. bent ryan. 3.9 gpa in biochemical engineering. time for new year's eve top five. no. 5. down the stretch they come. baby racing contest. no. 4, quarterback brett huntley ran for 86-yard touchdown, threw for two more. ucla blows out virginia tech at the sun bowl 42-12. . no. 3, a spectacular glove save takes one away. other than that, it was a rough
2:07 am
night for nemo. the duction fifth goal. no. 2, handle in the shootout to give the swiss a win in the wolves junior hockey championship. and at no. 1, what could be his final game in college, johnny manziel went out with a bank. he avoids the tackle, skates, then dumps it off to travis. johnny football let a & m back from 21 down, 382 yards for touchdown as the aggies beat duke 52-48 in the chick-fil-a bowl. >> what do you think? for him in college? >> i think so. he's earned enough. he's going to go make his money. >> going to be a superstar. >> tomorrow's game, i didn't know they made chicken. crunchy taco or four cheese lasagna? can i get another one of those actually? [ superfan ] hey, america, we're here to help.
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little give or take, couple minutes, 25 minutes for the big show over the embarcadero to ring in the new year. >> weather looks pretty good. we go outside right now. numbers have cooled in san francisco to 47. midnight temperature about 46. all of that is good news for fireworks. bad news for the trees and plants and environment because we don't have any rain ton horizon. warm finish to the week. warm weekend. few clouds from time to time. other than that, we are high and dry. do i have to say this? i guess i have to say this. >> say it. >> see you next year. >> oh, there you go. there you go. one of us had to say it. >> there weren't many of those jokes around here this year. >> woe tried to kind of keep
2:10 am
them tempered a little bit. enjoy yourself. you've had a few cocktails. don't forget, take a cab. find a designated sober driver. also, muni and caltrain is free tonight. bart is going till 3:00 a.m.. >> weir looking live at the embarcadero at san francisco as the crowds have gathered. fireworks happening in 25 minutes. all right. happy new year. >> happy new year. >> be safe. see you tomorrow. ,,,,


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